Packing and Crating Services

We offer a variety of packing and crating services for our customers. We take the utmost care with your belongings and handle them as if they were our own. Our rates are competitive, but our customer service is unparalleled. We take great pride in our work and make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

We pack all your belongings in proper cartons from dishes to DVD’s, television, and furniture. Small items are individually wrapped in paper and placed in proper receptacles for transport. Large items such as couches, appliances or area rugs are wrapped in padding for protection. Mattresses can be placed in a bag or box, at your request. We can pack anything and everything. nauru Our quality of work is excellent and all items are packed in military-grade commercial quality packaging. Our staff has more than 10 years experience and only the correct equipment is used for your belongings. If this is in conjunction with a local move, all items are loaded onto our transport vehicles, moved to the new location and unloaded in a single day, unless otherwise discussed. Unpacking services are available for an additional fee.

We have a wide variety of packing material available for purchase in our office. Used packing material is also for sale, but availability is limited so please call for current inventory and pricing. We also carry a wide variety of boxes for all your packing needs.

Crating Services

For odd shaped or fragile items we offer custom crating services to properly protect your goods. Suggested items for crating include works of art, large glass tables, motorcycles, antiques, and goods for trade shows. We also move very large items such as pianos or pool tables, however additional arrangements may be necessary.

All items are secured with the appropriate stuffing, blocking and bracing to ensure your priceless items are protected. We can crate items of any size, shape, or weight.

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